about Tamar Griggs

Nature photographer Tamar Griggs on Bold Bluff

Tamar at Bold Bluff – Photo by Ben Clinton-Baker

Hi, I’m Tamar Griggs, a wildlife photographer who delights in photographing the wonders of Nature at my home on Salt Spring Island, BC. My passion includes whales, seals, sea lions, eagles, herons and moons, and when nothing seems to be happening, I turn my camera onto the endless procession of boats that ply Sansum Narrows.

For me, the joy is to grow deep roots at home. Why travel when so much occurs at my doorstep? Few people have the patience to sit 4 – 5 hours in a blind (with a dog, too, who is trained to be quiet) and never be bored. I am fortunate to have had the time to do this, and I am pleased to share the delights of Nature that are right here – at home.

Patience, luck, observation, and passion are the driving forces behind my nature photography images. I hope you delight in the gifts of Nature presented here, and that you open your eyes to what is around you wherever you live.

I also enjoy photographing my island community – and wear my camera wherever I go.

Check out my Clutterblog – www.theclutterblog.com – for a romp through my stuff and what it means to me. My insights might inspire you to take a different view of your clutter.

Take a look at the recent photo show I created: www.facesofsaltspring.com – a celebration of community. The exhibit was a resounding success, documenting 20 years of island life through photography and stories.